What is the best professional Wax Machine in 2020 ?

by Florian Moreau
What is the best professional Wax Machine in 2020 ?
Waxing is one of the hair removal techniques that can quickly remove hair while keeping your skin smooth and moisturized. With the right wax heater, you can treat yourself to salon-quality hair removal. To choose one, you need to take into account different selection criteria.
Professional wax machine

One of the most important characteristics of a wax heater is its type. On the market, three types of professional wax heaters compete with each other. The electric wax heater is both efficient and hygienic. Its advantage is that it saves wax and does not waste wax.

The roll-on type wax heater is very easy to use. Its temperature is the same until the end. Finally, the duo type combines the two previous types: its tank is an electric wax heater and roll-on at the same time. This type of wax heater allows multiple uses on different parts of the body.

In addition to the type, it is also interesting to look at the design of a wax heater. A good wax heater should be both practical and ergonomic. It should be easy to handle without compromising the safety of the user, as there is a risk of burning the user. A model with a lid and a deep bowl should be chosen for an electric wax heater, while for a roll-on wax heater, you should check the heating speed of the wax and the autonomy of the appliance.

The accessories that come with the wax heater should also be considered. If you're new to waxing, it's best to choose an electric wax heater that comes with all the necessary waxing kits: wax remover strips, wooden spatula, oil to soothe the skin after waxing, etc. An electric wax heater with adjustable temperature is also ideal to avoid burns and to better control the temperature of the wax.

Hot Wax Warmer

Hot Wax Warmer

Main advantage

The Waxyful Hot Wax Warmer brand wax heater heating system is controlled by a thermostat. This allows the heater to shut off automatically in case of overheating. In addition, this wax heater is also self-heating. It has a large tank capacity.

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Key Features Explained


An electric wax heater is one of the ideal solutions to get rid of hair on your body efficiently and quickly.

The system effectively prevents burns that can be caused by overheated wax. Moreover, a red light is visible on the unit to indicate the wax heating status. In addition, this heater also has a self-heating system that keeps the wax at the same temperature.


The design and shape of a wax heater play a role in its performance. Indeed, it may or may not work in its favour. The Waxyful electric wax heater is ideal for heating wax. It is equipped with two handles for easy movement and transport.

In addition, to guarantee greater safety for its users, this electric wax heater also has a sturdy lid that is easy to open and close. Easy and convenient to use, the Waxyful Wax Heater has a control knob that allows you to set the heating temperature of the heater. This temperature can vary from 50°C to 100°C. The wax pot inside is removable, making it easy to fill.

Maintenance and cleaning

What tips the balance in choosing one wax heater over another is how easy it is to clean and maintain. Indeed, since the wax heater is above all a device designed for aesthetics, it must be impeccable in its cleanliness. The Waxyful electric wax heater has the advantage that it does not require any special cleaning.

by Florian Moreau

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