Wax hot, warm or cold?

by Florian Moreau
Wax hot, warm or cold?

Women's main concern is to remove the unsightly hair that grows day after day. Today's men are increasingly using hair removal to get rid of hair as well.

There are many methods to remove them, either permanently or for a few weeks. The most common way to remove them is with waxing, as it is an easy and economical method.

It is important, in order not to suffer later on from burns or irritation due to an incorrect application of wax, to go to a Beauty Institute and let the professionals take care of your hair removal.

The legs, arms, torso, back are areas that you can wax. In this way, you will remove hair at the root, it will take about 4 to 8 weeks to grow back.

Depilation with wax offers many advantages, such as longer hair regrowth than when shaving, the hair grows back much finer. In the following, we will detail the advantages and disadvantages of this technique.

Avantages of waxing

• The hair grows back after 4 to 8 weeks.
• We remove several hairs at a time
• The hair grows back finer
• There is less irritation
• This is an economical method that works very well.
• Between two depilations, the skin has time to recover, the hair also has time to grow again without being cut as with razors.

Disadvantages of waxing

• It's painful if you use a bad wax quality
• It is necessary to wait until the hairs grow enough for the hair removal to be well done.
• On sensitive skin, the application of wax can cause haematomas due to the action of removing the wax.

Recommendations to be followed before performing waxing.

• Carry out a skin scrub every two weeks to allow the hair to grow properly and to avoid ingrown hairs.
• To have clean and dry skin at the time of waxing, it is recommended to use talcum powder before waxing, especially when it is hot.

It's time to choose your wax, hot, warm or cold? The experts will choose a wax according to the type of skin to be depilated. If not, it is possible for you to inquire about the type of wax that will best suit your hair and skin type for an impeccable result.

Warm wax

It is the most used wax in beauty salons because it is very effective. The heat of the wax helps to open the pores of the skin, which allows a better result for waxing.

It is recommended to remove thick hair, it is contraindicated for people suffering from varicose veins, having sensitive skin or having skin problems.

It is imperative to use a suitable device to heat the wax, to avoid any risk of burns, beauty salons are equipped with professional wax heaters, which you can find in our online shop Material Estética. Hot wax is often presented in the form of pellets or pebbles.

Roll-On Wax

It is a wax that lies between hot and cold wax, even if it is heated at high temperatures, the effects of heat are not felt because this wax is applied in a thin layer that cools very quickly. This wax is most of the time packaged in the form of Roll-On.

Cold Wax

This wax is widely used for the removal of hair from legs and arms, especially for people with sensitive skin, blood circulation problems or varicose veins. Waxing is faster, but some technique is needed to remove the depilatory strip because if it is not well hooded, there is a risk of irritation or even ingrown hairs. This wax is directly applied on depilatory strips, they are of different colors because each one is specific to a skin type.

Recommendations for choosing the type of wax to use for successful waxing.

In beauty centers, you will find different types of waxes such as hot wax, Roll-On and cold wax.

It is important that the Centers or Institutes respect the following recommendations:

• Make sure that they use quality products and comply with hygiene standards, for example, that they use single-use or sterilized utensils and that the work area is clean and tidy.

• The hot wax must be heated in a professional wax heater, which respects the maximum temperature of 42° (if the temperature exceeds this temperature, there is a risk of burning), the wax must be applied to the area to be depilated in the direction of hair growth, once cooled, it will be sufficient to take the tip of the wax and pull in a sharp blow in the opposite direction of the hairs.
Warm wax is very easy to use thanks to the Roll-On, just - apply it in the direction of hair growth, place a depilatory strip on it and pull out in a jerk in the opposite direction of hair growth to remove a maximum amount of hair.

The cold wax heats up quickly by rubbing the depilatory strips in the palm of the hand, the strips separate, it is now time to apply them to the skin, in the same way as the other waxes, with a sharp blow in the opposite direction of hair growth.

• Waxing is recommended every 3 weeks.
• Before applying the wax, it is recommended to carry out a test to check that there is no risk of reaction to the product.
• The use of talcum powder allows the wax to adhere better.
• It is important to prepare for waxing as some areas may be more sensitive than others.
• Avoid exposure to the sun before and just after hair removal.
• Remember to moisturize the skin once the waxing is finished, it is recommended to use Aloe Vera.

Waxing works very well as long as you follow all the recommendations. It is preferable to perform waxing in a beauty salon, as beauticians have been trained to follow professional techniques whether it is hot wax, roll-on wax or cold wax. If you are a beautician, thanks to this post, you have learned to identify the different types of wax, so that you can help your clients in their choice of wax, so that they can later be satisfied with the wax they recommend to others. It is up to you and your clients to decide which type of wax to use for hair removal. Hotwarm or hot wax?

by Florian Moreau

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